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Kevin O'Brien CFP, CDFA, CIM

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Laden with student and consumer debt, priced out of homeownership, and feeling less secure about their job security, few millennials are seeking the guidance and services of a financial planner. But the need for professional financial advice is stronger than ever.

In Kevin O'Brien's newest book, he tackles the unique and often contradictory situations facing today's millennials. With more than 30 years experience helping people develop winning financial strategies, Kevin's personable approach and clear explanations show step-by-step how to take control of your financial future and Save To Prosperity.

This full-colour, 120 page book is packed with real-world examples, charts, worksheets and bonus downloadable resourses (access details inside the book.)

See below for the full TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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Saving To Prosperity: Table of Contents

Ch.1 - Millennials - You Need Professional Financial Help

Active vs Passive Investing
Investor Behaviour
Why Millennials Need Financial Advice

Ch.2 - Know Where You Are

Some Basic Financial Planning
Net Worth
Cash Flow
Interpreting the Data

Ch.3 - The Difference Between Wants and Needs

Wants vs Needs

Ch.4 - Spending On A Budget

Buying a New Car
Should You Buy or Lease?

Ch.5 - LIES, GPS and W5

The LIES Theory Formula
the GPS Theory Formula
The "W5" Process of Goal Setting

Ch.6 - The Truth About Real Estate

Real Estate
Real Estate Debt Consolidations
Debt Servicing Ratios
Tougher Rules For First Time Buyers
Professional Services
Mortgage Payment Schedule
Other Financial Costs of Home Ownership
Post-Closing Costs

Ch.7 - The Difference Between Saving and Investing

Examples of Saving
Examples of Investing
Breaking It Down
Forced Savings Plan
Savings Plans
Hidden Forced Savings Programs
Investment Time Periods

Ch.8 - Transitioning From Saving to Investing

Capital Gains
Investing Your Money Using Dollar-Cost Averaging
Using a Dollar-Cost Averaging Plan for Stocks
How to Begin a Dollar-Cost Averaging Plan
Combining the Power of Dollar-Cost Averaging with the Diversification pf a Mutual Fund
Payroll Deduction Invested in Defined Contribution Pension Plans or Group RRSPs
Investing and Risk
Investment Products for Income
The Smart Way to Invest
Specific Investment Products
Ch.9 - Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

RESP Rules
RESP Withdrawal Rules
Scholarship Trust Plans
Self-Directed RESPs

Ch.10 - Tax-Free Savings Accounts

TFSA Rules
TFSA and Estate Planning

Ch.11 - Investment Accounts

Individual Stocks
What Are Stocks?
Common Stock
Preferred Stock
Investment Styles
Asset Allocation
Diversification of Asset Classes - Reduce Risk
Misusing Leverage

Ch.12 - Group Plans

Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Group RRSPs and DPSPs: The Concerns

Ch.13 - Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Tax Refund
Types of RRSPs
Ineligible RRSP Investments (Canada Revenue Agency)
Non-Retirement Use of an RRSP
Home-Buyer's Plan
The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)
What Happens at Retirement?
What Happens If You Die?

Ch.14 - Having a Plan B


Ch.15 - The Ten Cent Solution: Putting It All Together

The Plan
RRSP Balance Student Loan Tax Refund
New Car Purchase

-- Reference Materials & Downloadable Resources --

Future Value of Periodic Investments
Future Value of Investment at Various Annual Compound Returns
General Requirements to Qualify for Homeowner Mortgage Loan Insurance
Financial Planning Chart
Net Work & Operating Statement
Loan Amortization Schedule
The Ten Cent Solution
& More ..

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"Kevin has financially guided our growing family in the right direction."

-- Mark Hamilton
"Kevin has continued to help me build wealth and prepare for the future as I transitioned from a young, salaried employee to a self-employed professional with the additional responsibilities of a marriage and children."

-- Sylvia Das
"His continual advice on financial planning issues has saved me significant amounts of money over the years."

-- Josie Castracane
"Kevin brings the same steadfast commitment, strong work ethic, and passion for learning to everything he does. We are glad to have him in our corner. "

-- Patricia Elliott

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About The Author

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Kevin O’Brien has been in the Financial Planning industry since 1987. He has obtained several professional designations including: Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Canadian Investment Manager (CIM), Portfolio Manager. Kevin is the President of Kevin O’Brien and Associates, a fee-based financial planning company established in 1988.

Kevin is a partner with Aligned Capital Partners Inc., an IIROC securities dealership. Kevin was one of the first advisors in Canada to become a fee-based / fee-for-service advisor. Kevin was interviewed in February 2014 by Investment Executive Magazine about converting his financial planning clients to fee-based financial planning.

He has also contributed to the Financial Planning industry through his books “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way”, an easy to read guide on Canadian estate planning. The book is in its third printing. Kevin’s second book, “Saving To Prosperity” is in its first printing.

Kevin is married to Stephanie (36 years) and together they have four amazing children.

Kevin served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a CIC officer with the RCAC. Kevin is an aviation and history enthusiast; his hobby is collecting material from the Second World War, model building and reading books written by all sides of the conflict. Kevin and his wife enjoy traveling to Europe and visiting WWII historic sites.

Kevin’s other passion is the game of golf. He has yet to master the game successfully, but he keeps trying.

Saving to Prosperity is Kevin’s second book relating to financial planning, and is associated with a financial planning software package, designed to teach advisors how to properly compile a financial plan.